Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~ RON 95 or RON 97 - manakah pilihan anda? ~

pagi2 ni smpi opis dlm 8.15am... ngantuk betul hari ni... mlm tadi tah mcm mana... kul12.30 baru nak tido... acitpun sama... dok sebok ngemas itu ini... tak sedar dah kul12.30... smpi jer opis, have a nap laa dulu... dptlaaa dlm 10min, then startlaa membelek emel....

1 emel yg nadey nak share kat sini.. pasal penggunaan minyak kita yg bakal berubah bermula 1/9/09... nadey juga agak ketinggalan pasal benda nie... tak amik tahu pun... hahaha... padahal tiap ari bwk kete tu!! hahaah... smpilaa aritu acit tanya, kat petronas dah ada minyak RON 95 tak? erk?!!!! tak perasan pun.... last isi minyak last Friday... tp rasanya takde nmpk lagi perbezaan antara RON 95 and RON 97! kwn kat opis kata... Shell dah ada dah... takpe.. saya pengguna setia Petronas... minyak buatan Msia! ahahahah... so sama2 kita share information ni ek... ada rupanyer kete yg takleh guna RON 95 nie!!! nasib laa kete aku bule.....

The RON list
Author: Chips

The following list has been compiled based on confirmations and unofficial discussions with some car companies. MTM Multimedia Sdn Bhd and its employees do not accept any liability or responsibility for any effect arising from use of this information. In some cases, even though an engine may be originally tuned to run on fuel with a certain RON, its age and condition may require a higher RON grade to avoid knocking. Some engines may also have knock sensors which can automatically adjust ignition timing if knocking is detected but this will result in some reduction in power output. If in doubt, do contact the car company dealing with your model.

This list will be updated as often as possible when we get more confirmations from the car companies so do check back regularly. (* indicates a new addition to the list). For the Peugeot 206/Naza Bestari and Naza Forza/Sutera, Naza/NASIM have run tests and found that these models are able to run on RON95 without problems.

Most Mercedes-Benz engines, except the high-performance ones in the AMG and SL/SLK models, are able to run on fuel with RON91 to RON95. However, for optimum performance, RON95 is recommended while use of RON92 will result in marginally reduced output

For the Cefiro 3.0, Murano, 350Z/370Z, RON97 is recommended for optimum performance. For older models such as the Sunny 130Y, Bluebird, Altima and AD Resort, RON95 can be used.

Volvo engines can use RON91 to 98 RON unleaded petrol. Volvo Car Malaysia says that for best performance and lowest fuel consumption, RON98 (or closest RON) is recommended. For normal driving, RON95 is acceptable and RON91 should only be used in cases where RON95 is unavailable. Knock sensors in the engines will adjust the engine timing to prevent damage with very low RON fuel.

**ha..... ni yang paling latest nadey tgk kat Malaysian Motor Trader kat article nie....**

semoga mendapat manfaat sumer!!!

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