Thursday, August 27, 2009

Contest August @

nadiea suke join2 contest nie... rasaya cam sume contest nak masuk... kite try ek... mana yg sempat....

antaranyer Contest by utk bulan August nie... starting this month, ibu Emir akan meng'organize' contest for every month sebagai menghargai pelanggan2 nyer yg telah membeli perfume dr blog beliau... For this month pny price... iyalaaah....

Jean Paul Gaultier -Fluer Du Male 75ml, EDT

fuh.... besh gilerr...... and antara syarat2 penyertaan:-

1. Kindly post an entry in your blog saying "My husband/boyfriend/I am deserved to get this perfume because ...." You can use your creativity to make your entry interesting, funny or anything you want it to be. ~DONE

Why my husband deserved to get this perfume because he is the MOST GREATEST husband and father to my babies... yelaa.... walaupun tiap hari berulang dari Cheras to Klang utk berkerja dengan menaiki motor... smpi rumah dah penat2... still ada masa helping me with house chores and main2 dengan anak2.... bayangkan betapa penatnyerr bekerja jauh... seawal 7am dah kene kuor umah nak pegi keje... and kene masuk b4 8am! sometimes kite yg terlewat... dia pun dah terkejar2 nak pegi keje.... kdg2 punch card on time 8am... and ada masa kenelaa pggil dgn bis boss coz dah terlambat lps 8am.... and one more... I believe my husband deserved this perfume because he is always dealing with people in his work. after 1jam naik motor and for about 40km... of course laaa... bau pun dah tak semenggah mana... bila smpi ofis... alangkah bagusnya kalau my husband dapat pakai this perfume... memberi kesegaran yg hebat kepada my husband to boost back his confidence and give a very energetic day for him to do his work. and kalo jumpa people pun, takdelaa malu dgn bau musyuk asap naik moto tadi kan?? hehehehe.... this perfume would definitely an appreciation to him for what he has done to our family... love u laaa sayang!!

2. and at anywhere in your entry, kindly place my name IBU EMIR and link the name to ~DONE

3. Kindly leave your comment with the link of the entry in the comment below ~DONE

4. Kindly put this blog under your blog list. ~DONE

5. This contest will be held from now until 12pm, 28 August 2009 ~OK

so kawan2....mehlaaa join contest nie..... kalo tak sempat... next month insya-allah ader.. !! yeay!!

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