Friday, July 3, 2009

KedaiChomel Giveaway

Another last minute contest..... tak susah poon nak join... mana tau lagi skali rezeki dtg... kalo main shuffle.... and tetiba dpt plak... Chomel Nursing Cover/Poncho tuuuu yg menarik tu!!! wlwpun baby ku dah tak bf lagi.... tp nak jgklaaa dpt... mana tau tetiba dtg plk no-3? waa??!?!?!

Handmade by Anasfadilah



  • You must be subscribed to KedaiChomel via email - OK, DONE!
  • You must have a blog, and you have to post about this giveaway on it, using the banner above - OK, DONE
  • After posting about the giveaway, come back here and leave a comment with the link to your blog about the post - OK, DONE!
  • The comment numbers will be shuffled and a lucky winner will get a Jusco Shopping Voucher, and Chomel Nursing Cover/Poncho - YES! HARAP MENANG LAA....


You have until the midnight of July 5th, 2009 to enter this giveaway!!


sempat lagi niii sblm midnite!!! so kawan2... sape yg nak join... bule singgah ker.... KedaiChomel or ke blog tuannyer cik anasfadilah....

selamat men'join' contesT!! YEAY!!!

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